Eather motorcycle tank bib

A large number of orders were recently received . We don’t want to become overextended on our schedule , therefore we are not sending quotes.

Thanks to everyone who ordered this January 2011. Your order is on our schedule and being processed.

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Development of the CALIFORNIAN began in Dec. 2004 after receiving requests from fellow riders for a tank bib that covered the bottom of the tank for protection against chaps/jeans, jacket pull zippers, etc.
After several designs the current version was introduced in March 2005 and was instantly welcomed by riders looking for the unique style and bottom tank protection .

We do all work ourselves, and it is all done by hand.

We also have to praise our work as we had a special request few years ago where our clients wanted from us to create a set of special bikes that would be used for e-sports competition showcase. Of course, these bikes were just for a showcase and no one rode them. The e-sports competition took place in San Francisco where we had our part in the even organization. Our job was to deliver the exact models as their 3D designers wanted. We have never had any similar work to do and this is completely new to us and we gave our maximum to meet all the requirements!

We do all work ourselves, and it is all done by hand.

Each Californian is unique due to the grain of the leather and any “add-ons”.


Cut from full grain saddle leather…
Hand Formed to fit each style tank bottom…
Dyed and sealed with water repellent product…
Hand laced with  calf leather…
Fully lined with felt…
We are associated with  Dave Eppler, an accomplished leather carver who adds custom carvings to our products.  Click on  Leather Carvings to preview Dave Epplers Style.

We SPECIALIZE in Honda VTX and Shadow/Aero because that’s what we ride. We added Yamahas after getting several requests.  To obtain a quote for your year make and model motorcycle Click here to EMail us and receive a quote plus shipping charges and current turnaround time.
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Special Construction Californian bib. See Bib Inserts link at the bottom of the page.